Rebuilding home

Helping Families
in Ukraine

Your donation restore homes and communities damaged by war. When you give families receive a warm place to live, and people heal from the trauma of loss.

Your donations restored Nadia's home

I Refuse to Leave!

"This is where I was sitting when the roof of my house was blown off by Russian artillery," said 65-year-old Nadia. Immediately, my youngest son rushed to dig me out of the rubble. Searching desperately through the charred remains, he called out, "Mom, mom..." When he found me, he took me by the arms and dragged me to the basement. "That's how he saved my life," recalls this brave woman.

Nadia and Anatolii near bombed house
Nadia and Anatolii near bombed house

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Nadia's burned house
Nadia's burned house

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Working on Nadia's new roof
Working on Nadia's new roof

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Nadia and Anatolii near bombed house
Nadia and Anatolii near bombed house

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Restoring warm, dry homes this winter

Larysa and her Grandchildren from Bobryk

Larysa and her Grandchildren

Sixty-six-year-old, Larisa is retired and has custody of her two grandsons’, Bogdan and Eugene. When Bobryk village was invaded and occupied, an artillery shell exploded in the yard destroying the garage, their gardening tools, and the boy’s bicycles. The impact also damaged the roof and shattered all the glass in the windows.


Your gift will help repair the damage before winter arrives so this family can have a warm, safe, and dry home.

Volodymyr & Valentyna

Former fire-fighters Valentina, age sixty-six, and her husband, Volodymyr, age seventy-four, tell how life changed when Russia invaded and occupied their small village of Bobryk. “We were in the house when the artillery shell hit our house,” explained Valentina. 


Volodymyr has covered what’s left with thin plastic to protect them from the elements. Help us build a new roof and windows.


Donate to help keep Volodymyr and Valentina warm and dry in the fast-approaching winter months.

Volodymyr & Valentyna.jpg
​Mykola from Irpin


Mykola is 81 years old and hearing impaired. He is a retiree who lives on an average fixed income of one hundred and fifty dollars per month.


He lives in the apartment he owns. His daughter lives with him now because the indiscriminate shelling of civilian neighborhoods destroyed her home. As the rockets fell in his district, the blast concussion shattered all his windows when the shelling destroyed a neighboring house.

The thin plastic he uses for windows offers little protection from the winter cold that lies ahead.

Boy from Shelter.jpg

Healing Trauma

Since February 24th, over 13 million people are displaced by the war in Ukraine, half are women. 

An estimated half of Ukraine's children have been forced to leave their homes. 

Help us provide trauma care to bring healing to the people of Ukraine.



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New Horizons is a charitable organization dedicated to rebuilding Ukraine. Our focus is to repair homes and schools damaged by the war. We provide humanitarian relief to people trapped in the war zone. We provide trauma care resources for children and adult survivors of the war.

New Horizons works in partnership with Humanitarian Social Innovations, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization. Our fiscal sponsorship with HSI provides our donor partners the security and safety of a tax-deductible way to rebuild, renew and restore life to our Ukrainian people.

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