Our history

Our history

Our life in Ukraine began when we loaded our five children and 21 pieces of luggage into a former soviet military passenger jet. We took off from O’Hare international airport in Chicago; our destination was Kyiv, Ukraine. Twelve hours later, we landed at Boryspil airport near our new home city. Over two decades later, Ukraine is still our home.


Over the years, we have contributed to the growth and development of the nation in many ways, working with churches, offering English instruction, and importing much-needed medical supplies and equipment during the 1990s.


Today our efforts are focused on rebuilding, renewing, and restoring lives devasted by the invasion on February 24th, 2022, and the war that began in 2014. We established our nonprofit organization, New Horizons, inspired by two young girls, Daria and Lisa.


Twin sisters Daria, and Lisa, age seven, and their parents arrived in our refugee shelter from Kharkiv. We gave the children a stuffed animal toy to welcome them.


One volunteer gave the girls a stuffed animal toy, “These toys are for you. Take them with you when you return home,” said our volunteer, Nastia. Daria responded, “We don’t have a home anymore; they bombed our house.” Wanting to comfort both children, she said, “Oh, well, you can take them with you to your new home.” With a confident smile, Daria said, “No, when it is safe to go back home, we will rebuild our house.”

The vision of our nonprofit is to rebuild, renew and restore lives in Ukraine. We provide trauma care resources for people impacted by the war and rebuild homes, schools, and churches. 

Michael & Michelle Pratt moved to Ukraine in June 1995.

About New Horizons

New Horizons is a charitable organization dedicated to rebuilding Ukraine. Our focus is to repair homes and schools damaged by the war. We provide humanitarian relief to people trapped in the war zone. We provide trauma care resources for children and adult survivors of the war.

New Horizons works in partnership with Humanitarian Social Innovations, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization. Our fiscal sponsorship with HSI provides our donor partners the security and safety of a tax-deductible way to rebuild, renew and restore life to our Ukrainian people.

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