Restoring Hope

“About 15 million Ukrainians will need psychological support in the future,” Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko. 

Everyone Experiences Trauma

Trauma is an experience that overwhelms your ability to cope with life. It comes in many forms, like violence, accidents, health challenges, and more. Your reaction to trauma is unique, because it’s your mind’s way of telling you to protect yourself. You sense a threat, and your whole body acts automatically to protect you, which is a healthy response.
But what happens when you experience danger for prolonged periods? When your mind continually senses threat? When you repeatedly hear stories or see images of suffering and death? Physical changes in your brain might tell your body to stay on alert, even if the immediate danger has passed.

The good news is you can develop tools that help your brain heal from trauma. New Horizons wants to help you develop those tools

Trauma care, girl near a burned house

Responding to the
Trauma of War in Ukraine

Help for Adults

Hope Groups. New Horizons works with World Without Orphans to offer Hope Groups. We support Ukrainians who have suffered the trauma of war, empowering them to care for themselves and their loved ones. Each time we gather, we offer discussion topics, practical tools to heal from trauma, activities to strengthen family relationships, and guides to talking with children about trauma. Feedback from one Hope Group participant:

“The materials and meetings helped me deal with loneliness. They gave me the opportunity to talk and listen to how others coped with stress. I discovered friends. The materials were interesting for reflection and deep thought.”

Help for Children

Jacaranda Communities of Hope. New Horizons partners with Twelve12:Hope, a 501 (c)3 registered non-profit organization, to equip community leaders to offer healing and hope to traumatized children. The mission of this unique organization is about bringing hope to those who suffer. More specifically, Twelve12:Hope envisions a world in which every traumatized child is healed and has hope for the future via their signature program, Jacaranda Communities of Hope.

Jacaranda seeks to equip community leaders to offer healing and hope to traumatized children.

The mission impacts not only the children who are recipients of the program but also the adults who become trauma competent in helping others. Programs are launched in geographical locations where there is an invitation from a local host who recognizes the need for a trauma program for children in his/her community. The Jacaranda program places high value and resources on building sustainable programs that are led by local leaders.

Help for Military and Veterans

We offer practical services to our service men and women, based on the needs they have shared with us. We provide a place for hot showers and laundry when soldiers are in L’viv for a short time. Our volunteers support soldiers hospitalized with injuries, meeting physical needs when they have no family or friends present. We connect soldiers to services they need, by referring them to providers who specialize in areas like legal, job or education assistance. We offer a personal touch, through a network of trusted volunteers who serve our military. 

About New Horizons

New Horizons is a charitable organization dedicated to rebuilding Ukraine. Our focus is to repair homes and schools damaged by the war. We provide humanitarian relief to people trapped in the war zone. We provide trauma care resources for children and adult survivors of the war.

New Horizons works in partnership with Humanitarian Social Innovations, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization. Our fiscal sponsorship with HSI provides our donor partners the security and safety of a tax-deductible way to rebuild, renew and restore life to our Ukrainian people.

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